As part of our mission to spread the concept of facilitation and participation around the world, we have provided a bank of resources for facilitators and group leaders to help support your facilitation practice. Please feel free to use and download these resources, as well as share them with others.

Many of these resources are linked to our public courses, so you may find it beneficial to attend these trainings to understand in depth how to use the resources below.

An Introduction to Facilitation

Quick Facilitation Tips Series

StickyWall Tips and Tricks

Resources from the Internet:

The International Association of Facilitators

Global Facilitators Network                       

UK Community Participation Network        

Key topics in facilitation

(inc. Conflict management, facilitating in   

face-to-face groups, facilitating online groups,

group dynamics, ice breakers, warm up


Tips, tricks and games for facilitators       

Creating and facilitating online communities

Icebreakers, games, creativity techniques 

The Master Facilitators journal                  

Facilitation bibliography                           

Facilitation Resources