Help to make a difference in Africa, by becoming a sponsor

ICA:UK provides important support to partner organisations in Africa striving to address the major issues of poverty, HIV/AIDS and climate change with the communities they work with.

“ICA:UK has a friendly approach: a true understanding of the “human factor in development”, unobtrusive not domineering, offering suggestions” Charles Wabwire, Director, ICA Uganda

We believe that:

  • the approach taken by ICA in Africa over the past 40 years, building mutually beneficial relationships (based on trust and respect) with partners and between partners and the communities they serve, continues to be as relevant and effective today
  • local organisations have a key role to play in making a difference in Africa, yet recognition of this role and the funding to enable their development is often not forthcoming
  • our approach to fundraising and capacity building should reflect our organisational values and take more of a partnership approach

Our African Partners

We work in partnership with national and local organisations in 11 countries in Africa (see map).  These organisations and the staff and volunteers who enable them to work are the people that Village Volunteers seeks to support (see Real Stories). All too often undervalued, these organisations and individuals are vital links between external support and local communities, supporting them to take charge of their own development.

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