The Dragons Den Has Decided...Our surprise free event for people of all ages will be...

‘The Bacteria Party’

Everyone loves a party, especially the ‘B-Team’!

You collect your invitation to the party at the first station – a passport which you fill with stamps as you make your way through the five interactive science stations to the big cake finish at the end!

The Bacteria Party will bring together a whole host of games and interactive activities like top trumps and skittles but there’ll also be a chance to look down the microscope and interrogate those bacteria!

Come down and learn everything you could ever want to know about bacteria and all things scientific like antibodies, antibiotics and amazing bugs and germs, whilst playing some games and eating cake! And, like any good party, there’ll be party bags packed with fun and facts too!

Come down to this free event in Half Term and join us, ‘The B-Team’ between 3pm-7pm at Zion Arts Centre, Hulme on Monday 25th October to join the most fun bacteria has ever had!

The Bacteria Party - Monday 25th October from 3pm-7pm at Zion Arts Centre, Hulme.

To pre-book your free tickets e-mail Sarah Evans This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call ICA:UK 0161 232 8444

After fifteen years, founder and CEO of Safe Ground, Antonia Rubinstein is leaving to pursue her career in the arts, education and media.
Antonia has created and led one of the leading prison education charities in the country and will be sorely missed by staff and colleagues alike.
Antonia hands over to Charlotte Weinberg, an experienced Youth Arts and community development activist with a long history in both the UK and abroad.
The Board of Trustees wish them both well and look forward to future successes at Safe Ground and in Antonia’s next venture.

The latest issue #42 of the ICA:UK network newsletter is online today - download it from ICA:UK Network News. Thank you to Rachael Huggins, editor of this issue.

We are happy to welcome Julie Roberts and Allen Adams to our staff team, as Youth Participation Programme worker and volunteer book-keeper respectively.

The UN has announced that Thurs 12th August will be a day to recognise the international year of youth. Young people make up 25% of the world's population and are the largest group of under-represented people in decision making. Read more

We are delighted to welcome Alan Heckman to the ICA:UK staff team.  Alan has been an active member and Associate of ICA for many years, in both the UK and the USA, and has been recently appointed to the new post of ToP Training Programme Manager - see contact us.

This is a 6-month Future Jobs Fund post, open only to those in Manchester who are long term unemployed or who are 18-25 and have been unemployed for 6 months.

For more information, please see our vacancies page.

Vacancy - Volunteer Book-keeper

We are seeking a volunteer book-keeper to work with our Administrator to maintain the financial records of the charity and produce timely and accurate financial information.

For more information, please see our vacancies page.

Now available - complete sticky wall kits, including your choice of sticky wall plus a can of repositionable spray mount adhesive, a roll of masking tape to attach your sticky wall and a box of multi-coloured scented markers, all in an environmentally responsible hessian bag.

Everything you need to get started using your sticky wall, short of paper - and people with ideas of course!

For details, see books & resources.

Working collaboratively, in teams, is an important skills for learners to live successful lives in 21st century. Marches School is developing activities and frameworks which will facilitate the development of skills for working together, including many different strategies for debriefing the process.

Last year in Learning to Learn, staff and pupils developed a framework (with the help of ICA:UK ) for working collaboratively on projects. We called this 'Steps to Success':

Leader – someone to keep as eye on how the process is going and direct it.
Brain storm – all ideas and thoughts at this stage are useful and recorded (Brain drops is also used as a term)
Outcomes – what do they want the end result to be – projects can only end well if everyone agrees what it is they are aiming for.
Key actions – what do they need to do to reach the outcomes. How they will space out their time – a time/action plan.
Who will do what – everyone in the group should have role.
Time keeper – someone who ensures the task does not run behind
Evaluation and reflection – we only get better at doing anything if we stop and think about how we did this time, what are the lessons to be learnt?

ICA:UK is proud again to sponsor the annual European conference of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), October 15-17 2010 in Helsinki.

The theme for this year’s conference is the Paradoxes in Facilitation, exploring the light and darkness - for full details, visit

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